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Pretty lame day
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First day back of grad school classes.. #givemeadonut

She once asked me
the name of my
favourite poet
and I replied


She laughed
and played along
and asked me
which one of his
works was my
absolute favourite

I said it was
the one
where he
wrote her
into existence.

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Rain, rain go away, or bring my man to cuddle with me all day. #waterdropsthebass

I am so proud of my relationship.

We’ve been together for about 2 and a half years or so.
We’re also best friends, which I think is really important.

He and I have been through so much, mistakes being done on both sides. We’ve been through our rough patch most recently, but we’ve pushed forward. We didn’t give up.

I think what helped was that we both only looked at each other and to each other, we both kept fighting rather than giving up, and we both focused on what was special about us.

Yesterday we hung out and had such a great time. It was like a breath of fresh air and we both realized that we only feel like this when we’re with each other. It’s a point where our friends don’t quite fill in that spot.

I’m so proud that unlike many couples that just give up, we’ve made it through a rough time. It gives me confidence for in the future when we will go through a tough time again.

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Haha in this picture it’s obvious I’m short because he got cut off :<
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Wow my man is so hot. He’s the one on the right. 

(Obviously jokez)
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Life is weird.

It’s also hard.

Harder than any type of teenage drama. Harder than being a kid and being sad about not having the coolest pencil in class. Harder than being in college and being kind of broke.

Boo hoo. 

But, happiness and unhappiness eb and flow. And sometimes life gets easier. It just never stops being weird.

I’m really happy we fixed things. Now let’s just get better.